Jamie's Drawings 

Highlight for Album: The Adventures of Corky
Album: The Adventures of Corky

This is a book Jamie wrote and illustrated. It is brilliant!
Last change: 01/28/03
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Album: Early Years

Some pictures from Jamie's time at nursery, and reception class. Aged from about 3 to 4 years.
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Highlight for Album: November 2002
Album: November 2002

A collection of more recent pictures.
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Last change: 12/08/02
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Highlight for Album: December 2002
Album: December 2002

Some of Jamie's newer pictures.
Last change: 05/27/04
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Highlight for Album: Miscellaneous
Album: Miscellaneous

These are just a few Jamie pulled out for me to scan. I think they were drawn sometime in 2000, which would make six when she did them..
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Highlight for Album: April 2003
Album: April 2003
Last change: 04/18/03
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